The VENOM-VX is the Ultimate in 4150 series carburetors,

Designed for Street, Drag Racing, Off Road, Circle track, Marine and more the VENOM-VX is the end all be all with no compromises 4150 series carburetor.

Its CNC Billet main body offers incredible throttle response, super clean part throttle driveability and fast shift recovery the VENOM-VX employs a new venturi layout that is vastly improved over previous designs in signal generation and air flow.

Utilizing our VENOM Billet metering blocks and standard “off the shelf” gaskets and rebuild components its a direct swap for your current 4150 series carburetor.

Available in size from 730 CFM to OVER 1050 REAL CFM and all types of fuels from Gasoline to Alcohol to E85 or E98 and priced as low at $720.00

VENOM VX – Drag/Street

VENOM VX – Circle Track/Road Race

VENOM VX – Marine/ Truck Puller