Sometimes the race is won or lost before the car ever leaves the shop. This month we’ll focus on the men behind the cars. Team racing is already the way to go in NMRA competition. Billy Laskowsky, Chris Beningo, GabeLarge and Ed Curtis, gang up to field two cars in the NMRA. This concept recently yielded a win for both cars in the Hot Street and Real Street classes. Congratulations guys! Thanks for choosing us. Ace tuner Chris Beningo and the whole gang for that matter rely on Pro Systems technical support in all facets of their program. To quote company President Patrick James, “Chris is very talented and able to really run with suggestions, he’ll have a long career as a successful tuner in the racing world”. Obviously Laskowsky, Large and Curtis can really drive. Gathering a win in fastest street car racing these days requires exceptionally fast response times and driving abilities. Fastest street cars are often described as the most violent, most aggressive cars to handle in the world. If you’ve ever been to a fasteststreet car race and seen these factory pressed bodies twist up and shake so violently on acceleration that they knock your teeth out, then you know what I’m talking about.



Ace tuner Chris Beningo

Well the NHRA tour is off in full swing. The
 Pro-Stockers were in the 6.80’s at this weekends Gatornationals and pretty much all of the top half of the field was running PRO-SYSTEMS carburetors. The real story here is the fledgling Jegs Pro Stock program. (www.jegs.comStarting with absolutely NOTHING and I mean they didn’t even own an engine block a year ago. They got their new program together and got both cars solidly into the field. We were fortunate enough to work with the Jegs team and wore out more than one engine on the dyno at their new facility. We parkedthe Pro Systems coach at their shop for a few days and just tested everything under the sun looking for horsepower. We found some and this new found technology was translated immediately into our new single carb designs. Hats off to Jegs Engine builder Nick Ferri and Chief Dyno operator Angelo Vigil for building World Class power in one year. Good jobguys…keep it up.

Oh and Tom Hammonds, you’re on a roll buddy… go get ’em!!



Head Engine builder Nick Ferri




Chief Dyno Operator Angelo Vigil



Darrell Thomas/Mr. Willy Camaro

Speaking of single carb designs. Chris Jarman horsepower launched the Darrell Thomas driven Mr. Willy tuned NPS Camaro into the stratosphere. The NSCA/NMCA Nostalgia Pro Street entry had over a tenth and something like 6-8 mph on the rest of the field at last weeks race in Atlanta. Chris Jarman and Mr. Willy selected one of our custom built Nitrous Pro-IVdesigns to get the entry into the previously unheard of 7.50 second zone! But watch out NPS is really happening so watch for new cars to emerge mid-year that’ll keep Mr. Willy and Darrell Thomas pushing the envelope of NPS.

All in all its winding up to be another great year here at PRO-SYSTEMS.

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