The long anticipated launch of the NMCA season happened amidst rain threatening skies in Atlanta Georgia. But, when the fog lifted and it was all over, it was a race no one should've missed.  

Scoring the first win and runner up for our team was Jamie Stanton and Bruce Lagory respectively in the high horse-powered Real Street class.  Both cars hanging
around the 8.9 second zone.

In Hot Street Rick Moroso scored it for our side with an 8.802 @ 152.04 mph.  Apparently BES (812-637-5933) found some more power over the                         winter.


Limited Street was Gary Rohe and his soon to be legendary Blue Mustang.  This car instills fear in just about anyone in the next lane.  Gary wasn't messing around, consistently making passes in the 8.2 second zone.


Johnny Baio with Midwest Engine Tech power (815-464-9490 ) was the runner up in Super Modified and his car is in the 7.8 second zone now.  When did that happen?  Good job Johnny!

In NPS, Ross Stomp debuted his 1970 Nova and scored a runner up finish with a big 178.59 mph top end charge. That car is gonna be fast!

Switching gears to the Ford side, the NMRA Hot Street ranks was just a pile of PRO-SYSTEMS customers.  Shane Long, Kurt Neighbor (Glidden Power 317-535-5225), Brian Booze (Kuntz and Co. Power) and Scott Budisalich all running our carbs and landing at the top of the heap in the 9.2 second zone.  Congratulations on your win Scott and Shane on your Runner up finish.

We've got some new projects coming to fruition.  You know that Research and Development never stops around here.  Fortunately this year we have some Big Three backing on some development concepts.  So stop back and keep up to date on the goings on around the shop.

Be sure to E mail in your wins and records as we love to post them.  I know there were more winners this week but we need your write ups, stats and clear
jpegs to post.  Get ’em in guys/gals (oh and this is very important…don’t forget to thank your spouse or significant other).

Thanks for reading.